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Help improve a child's life

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The Centro de Esperanza Infantil A.C. Oaxaca aims to help Oaxacan children in need or who live in poverty. Through your kind donation and your collaboration as a volunteer, we can make a difference.

We promote the improvement of the low-income child population of Oaxaca, providing them with the necessary educational tools to strengthen their development and improvement. Through education, we promote respect, equity, inclusion and diversity in the stages of school growth to generate a future with assertive and resilient people.

You can support us in the following ways:

Become a benefactor

Make a donation on our page

Work as a volunteer

Donate school supplies, food or clothing.

Our mission

Educational support
To provide children with school uniforms, school and tennis shoes, backpacks, school kit, and lunch service.
To support them by offering regularization classes, psychological care and talks that contribute to their development.
Extracurricular activities
To offer a space where children can play games for healthy recreation after school, such as: ping pong, and board games.

Comments from our volunteers

Our logo and name

Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, Responsibility, Participation, Respect

Our logo was designed by Daniel Rojas and represents the children of Oaxaca in a rainbow of happiness and protection. The hardworking hands of their parents holding them, and a hand-woven bracelet made by artisan parents, which are usually sold by children downtown.

Crespo 308, C.P. 68000,

Oaxaca, Oax. México.

+52 (951) 501 1069



Crespo 308, C.P. 68000,

Oaxaca, Oax. México


+52 (951) 501 1069